What makes Spin Catering unique?

Spin Events & Catering offers the finest quality, freshest cuisine, and friendliest service for your event. We customize events to suit your personal style and culinary tastes, and with a reputation for community spirit. Spin delivers at a price you can afford.
Spin Events and Catering is a collaboration between two experienced Portland restaurant and catering companies. David ‘Kawika’ Kahoilua, owner of Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille is one of the top Hawaiian catering companies in the state of Oregon. Steve Brown owned and operated a restaurant and catering business for over 17 years. Together they have formed Spin Events and Catering.
Portland catering has evolved over the last two decades with an emphasis on local products, sustainable practices and unique flavors. Spin Events and Catering has evolved along with these trends and puts them into practice with wedding catering, corporate catering and even cocktail catering. Spin works to represent the best of Portland.
The domain name www.portlandcatering.com points to Spin Events to reflect our commitment to the Portland community.
We have a unique commitment to finish line meals and banquets for regional athletic events and active lifestyle celebrations including Terrapin Events, Molly’s Fund VIP Catering, BTA Alice Awards, Row for the Cure, OBRA Awards Banquet and many more.
Spin Events and Catering has its own banquet facility with a capacity of 149 guests located at 1125 SE Madison in the heart of central Portland. The room is perfect for corporate catering services, company parties, wedding receptions, cocktail catering and more.
The room is named the Tony Starlight Showroom and currently hosts the Tony Starlight Show on weekends and for private catering events. The room is also available to rent for other events, too.


Many clients have described our venue as a “Hidden Gem,” befitting its subtle charm and surprise locale. Each event is unique and it is our goal to create a complete and joyful experience for you and your guests.




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About Steve Brown Co-Owner

Steve Brown has been a resident of Portland for over 20 years. He grew up in Longview, Washington and graduated from Evergreen State College in 1992. After college, he traveled through Asia and lived in Japan for two years. The time in Japan taught him two important aspects of the service industry. One, the concept of continuous improvement – kaizen- means that small consistent steps over time can lead to greatness. Second the concept of putting the community before oneself and anticipating whatever others may need to enhance their comfort.
Steve is Married to Hiroko Brown and they have a son Alex Brown enrolled in Cleveland High School.
Steve and his Father Steve Sr. opened Madison’s Grill in 1996. For over 17 years the restaurant was a popular place in central SE Portland. During this time, Steve worked to focus his efforts on building an event and catering business to build on and enhance the restaurant community.
Spin Events & Catering was introduced in 2012 and reflects Steve’s interest in working with the athletic community with a focus on finish line meals and banquets. As an avid cyclist, Steve understands the nutritional needs of athletes and active communities. Spin has provided meals for some of the biggest running, cycling and paddling events in the region.
With the sale of Madison’s Grill and the collaboration with David Kahoilua of Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grill, Steve has sharpened his focus to the event and catering business.
Community building is an important part of the hospitality industry. Steve worked with the actors, investors and directors to launch the interactive dinner show Who Stole My Dead Husband and enjoyed a successful three year run. With this experience he has recently entered into a collaboration with Tony Starlight and has brought the Tony Starlight Show to central SE Portland.
A philosophy of service to the community and continuous improvement keeps Steve active in the catering and event business, with his family and in the fitness community.