Spin can bring the beverage to your location

From hosted to cash bar, Spin can bring beverages to your event!


We are fully licensed for beer, wine and spirits:

Full Bar / Beer and Wine / Non-Alcoholic / Customized



Hosted Bar - Host pays for all drinks
Partially Hosted Bar - Host pays for designated drinks, generally beer and wine or use drink tickets
Hosted Non-alcoholic - Host pays for sodas, fruit juice, coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages
Cash Bar - Attendees pay for their own alcoholic and non-alocoholic beverages



Spin is proud to feature local spirits:


Eastside - Portland Potato Vodka, Below Deck Ginger Rum

Indio - James Oliver Rye Whiskey, Assorted Flavored Vodka

New Deal - Portland 88 Vodka, Hot Monkey Chili Vodka

Gompers - Gompers Gin infused with Pears & Lavenders




  • Lemon Drop
  • Manhattan
  • Below Deck Ginger Rum
  • Gompers Gin
  • James Oliver Rye Whiskey