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Our Store is currently closed, check back again!


To pick up pre-ordered meals - Please go directly to Spin Event Booth at Hawthorne Exchange.


Thank you for placing your order in advance. Spin Events & Catering is proud to be a part of Hood to Coast for the second year. 


With pre-ordered meals we can have your lunches labeled by team and ready for pickup at your estimated time in a convenient bag.


All Meals will be prepared for easy travel.


You are welcome to mix and match meals for your team.

First, add items to your cart and then enter the correct quantity of each choice.

Please include chilled beverages in your order.


When you arrive at the Hawthorne stop, please have your printed receipt and go directly to the Pre-Order Booth.


Please contact us at steve@spinpdx.com with any questions.


All lunches include cutlery, napkin and condiments along with hand washing wipe.